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An unusually unique perfume with appealingly intense warm middles notes and...

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A romantic, sweet and powdery fragrance similar to violet. It is said that its fragrance opens up the...

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The natural aroma and fruity notes transmit positive effects on the mood, ideal for combating...

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A delicate, soft and velvety fragrance that has long been loved for its sweet and enveloping characteristics...

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A floral and scintillating perfume thanks to the sweet and slightly citrus notes of Frangipani flowers...

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White Musk

The delicate and light fragrance is simultaneously warm and intense. Since ancient times, this essence...

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The scent of orchid is an essence known and used in the creation of fragrances with an extremely...

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Aqua Blue

A classic MASCULINE fragrance that recalls the traditional aromas of an aftershave. A full- bodied perfume...

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